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What is Seido Karate?

Seido Juku Karate teaches a traditional Japanese style of Karate-Do, which emphasises personal development and meditation in a graded series of promotions of increasing skill and complexity.

Our instructors have years of teaching experience.

The Richmond Dojo

Seido Karate Melbourne, Richmond Dojo

Learn karate in a friendly and supportive environment with classes catering from beginners to advanced

Our Dojo

At our Richmond dojo, you will be taught by our professional staff of Black Belt Instructors, who are chosen not only for their years of karate experience and teaching ability, but also their sensitivity and desire to help others.

Founder Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura (right) and Nidaime A Nakamura, Vice Chairman (left)

World Seido Karate Organisation

Being a member of the World Seido Karate Organisation means you'll belong to a world-wide structured organisation that has strict standards and a syllabus developed by one of the world's best Karate exponents; Kaicho Tadashi Nakmura.

the 3 circles within the blossum represent

Love. Respect. Obedience.

Our Instructors

Kyoshi Pippa Connolly
5th Dan, Black belt
Kyoshi Sandra Grieve
5th Dan, Black belt
Kyoshi Tome Spasevski
5th Dan, Black belt

Seido Junior Program

The Seido Junior Program teaches a modified karate syllabus, with the same grade structure as the adult program. The program introduces children to the many benefits of traditional karate training such as fitness, focus, respect, courtesy, self-defence and most importantly; a non-quitting spirit.

Seido Adult Program

We will teach you the true way of Karate, or ‘Karate-Do’, a way to develop total fitness: mind, body and spirit. Our introductory system allows you to ease into the training program slowly and safely. You progress at a pace consistent with your ability and level of fitness, to realise your true potential as a student of Seido Karate.

‘Seido Juku’

‘Sei’ — truth, honesty, sincerity.

‘do’ — way.

‘Juki’ — a small place where one goes to study, learn and grow.

Getting Started

First Things First

If you’re thinking about starting Seido Karate - whether you’re a beginner or have previous martial arts training - it’s best to contact us and organise a day and time to come in. Arrive 10 minutes before the class starts so that we can give you a quick tour.

Kids Getting Started

We recommend the kids start-up pack for only $259 which includes a karate uniform and entire school term of training. We’ll need to know what size your child is before they arrive, so make sure to tell us when you ring to book a time to come in.

Adults Starting

Every Monday at 6.30pm we hold free introductory beginners classes for you to try karate. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing such as a t-shirt and full-length tracksuit pants (no shorts or skirts).